Everyday Bundle Savings Benefits

The Doctor on Call

DON’T SPEND YOUR QUALITY TIME IN THE WAITING ROOM. The Doctor on Call turns the dream of getting quality healthcare from the comfort of your own home into a reality. Your family receives a complete set of health and wellness services, including 24/7 phone & video communication with U.S.-based, licensed physicians, all without costly co-pays.

ID Preserve

STAY ONE STEP AHEAD OF ID THEFT. ID Preserve monitors thousands of databases and millions of records, constantly scanning for potentially fraudulent activity to keep you safe from financial harm. Your subscription also provides account activity alerts on high-risk transactions, $1 million insurance protection coverage, a lost wallet service, and much more.

Premier Savings Network

INSTANT SAVINGS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY. Put more pleasant surprises in your life with the ultimate source for discounts on your everyday needs. Your membership provides regular offers up to 20% off at local and national retailers, $25 worth of real manufacturer and restaurant coupons mailed to you each week, and discount gift cards from thousands of retailers.

Benefits provided by The Doctor on call


Consult with a U.S.-based, licensed physician without any co-pay within 90 minutes or less. No denial based on pre-existing conditions.

Online Physicians

Easily correspond with medical professionals online after creating a personal medical profile. Responses can be expected in as little as 24 hours.

Nurse Hotline

Contact a registered nurse anytime over the phone to discuss symptoms as well as get medical guidance and a recommended course of action.

Oral Health Care

Take advantage of a secure online health tool that helps to identify oral health risks, create care records and set up dental visit reminders for the family.

Health Information Library

Gain access to information on 1,000 health related topics that have been reviewed by medical authorities. Available by phone with additional resources online.

Online Fitness & Nutrition

Be part of our program focused on dispelling myths, increasing knowledge and empowering anyone to go beyond their diet and be in better control of their health.

Online Health Assessments

Better evaluate all aspects of health, from everyday eating habits to cancer risks with over 40 lifestyle, behavioral health and disease-specific assessments.

Benefits provided by ID Preserve

Account Activity Alerts

High-risk transactions normally take place outside of a credit report and can expose you to financial danger. They often occur anonymously, typically online or through call centers. TurnKey ID Solutions’account activity alerts provide visibility into your risk of information misuse, exposing actions that may mean someone is establishing a false identity using your personal information.

Identity Theft Risk Score

ID Preserve uses proprietary predictive analytics while searching hundreds of billions of records to provide a risk score for members.

Ongoing Monitoring

Our unique and proprietary methodology proactively searches thousands of financial and non-financial databases to detect the early stages of identity theft.

Victim Assistance

Should you become a victim of identity theft, our recovery specialists will help bring your identity back to a pre-theft status. By assuming and reorganizing the recovery process on your behalf, ID Preserve can save you time, money and the hassle.


ID Preserve offers $1,000,000 insurance protection coverage designed to reimburse you for the covered expenses incurred to reclaim your identity.​

Internet Privacy Scanning

We scan the Internet to find your exposed personal information, including phone numbers, birth dates, physical addresses, email addresses, and more. Then we help you remove that data from the websites that posted it online.

Lost Wallet Service

Losing your purse or wallet can be an upsetting experience, but ID Preserve’s lost wallet service can help make the situation less stressful.

Identity Restoration

Our unique Identity Restoration Service takes over the identity recovery process. We take all the appropriate steps in order to correct identity theft problems, which typically requires the assistance and expense of an attorney.

Child Protect & Internet Scanning

ID Preserve offers enhanced detection of whether a child’s Social Security number is being used and also actively scans the Internet to find exposed personal information.

Family Protection

Identity theft can put your family at risk. If your family’s personal information fell into the wrong hands, it could lead to falsified information in medical records, affecting your family’s ability to obtain proper medical attention and care.

Stop Credit Card Offers

Unsolicited credit card offers are an identity theft risk as thieves can take the materials out of your mailbox and open credit cards in your name without your knowledge. With ID Preserve, you can request to opt-out of receiving “firm offers” for five years or permanently.

Free Credit Reports Reminder Service

Direct-to-consumer credit reports are available so you can see what lenders, landlords and insurance companies look at prior to making a credit decision. This gives you the opportunity to identify any false information before applying for credit.

Quarterly eNewsletter

As an ID Preserve member, you get access to a quarterly electronic newsletter that provides helpful and timely information on all things identity theft related.

Local & National Merchants

Find instant savings in your neighborhood and across the country! With our everyday savings, you get point-of-sale discounts from merchants when you present a printable coupon; merchants provide up to a 20% ongoing discount.

Free Grocery Coupons

Choose from a wide variety of coupons and literally cut your grocery bill by 20% to 50%! We offer grocery coupons and restaurant coupons; the key to this program is that you select only the coupons you want for the restaurants you plan to visit or grocery products you want to purchase.

Discount Merchandise

With Premier Savings Network, you can get a better deal on a wide selection of merchandise items online or by phone. Whether you buy through us or use our quote to get a better price locally, you can shop with confidence that you’re getting the best deal!

Discount Gift Cards

Save time and money by ordering gift cards to all your favorite merchants through Premier Savings Network! You can enjoy steep savings of up to 15 percent on select, already discounted gift cards. With so many choices, there’s something for everyone!