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Bundle and Save on Pinnacle’s Most Popular Benefit Packages!

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Pinnacle’s Everyday Bundled Savings Includes:

Doctor on Call

DON’T SPEND YOUR QUALITY TIME IN THE WAITING ROOM. The Doctor on Call turns the dream of getting quality healthcare from the comfort of your own home into a reality. Your family receives a complete set of health and wellness services, including 24/7 phone & video communication with U.S.-based, licensed physicians, all without costly co-pays.

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ID Preserve

STAY ONE STEP AHEAD OF ID THEFT. ID Preserve monitors thousands of databases and millions of records, constantly scanning for potentially fraudulent activity to keep you safe from financial harm. Your subscription also provides account activity alerts on high-risk transactions, $1 million insurance protection coverage, a lost wallet service, and much more.

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Premier Savings Network

INSTANT SAVINGS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AND ACROSS THE COUNTRY. More pleasant surprises in your life with Premier Savings Network, the ultimate source for discounts on your everyday needs. Your membership provides regular offers for up to 20% off at local and national retailers, $25 worth of real manufacturer and restaurant coupons every week, and discount gift cards with thousands of retailers.

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All benefits are available for your immediate family.

  • A complete identity monitoring and restoration package; a comprehensive telemedicine service; and premium discounts locally and nationally

  • Full benefits of The Doctor on Call

  • Full benefits of ID Preserve (Family)

  • Full benefits of Premier Savings Network

  • 24/7 access to your benefits online!

Services are not available in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont and Utah.

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