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Account Activity Alerts

In addition to Identity Monitoring and Identity Risk Scores, we can provide you with additional proactive identity theft protection through Account Activity Alerts at no additional cost. These alerts are for transactions that typically take place outside of a credit report and expose you to financial risk. This service is provided to you at no additional cost but you must register for the service using the easy steps listed in the "How it works" section. By monitoring participating banks, online retailers, telecom providers, health insurers and more, we look for suspicious activity that could indicate the beginning steps of identity theft. Account Activity Alerts provide unparalleled visibility into your risk of identity misuse, highlighting actions that may indicate someone is establishing a false identity using your information.

When we notify you

Whether a fraudster succeeds or not, we'll let you know when a bank password reset request is made, a new credit card is activated, or access to your health insurance portal is attempted. Our alerts also detect wire transfers through bank or investment accounts, MoneyGram transfers, cell phone insurance use, and address change attempts, whether online or through a financial institution's call center.

Real-time alerts

When we detect these transactions, you receive an email notification with a phone number included for you to call. If we don't hear from you, we will contact you directly to alert you. Our customer service representatives are available to discuss the alert with you and guide you through the appropriate steps to take if necessary.

How it works

Sign into the Members Area, access the "Personal Information Center" and go to the "My Plan" page. From there you can follow the link to "Account Activity Alerts" and finally "My Profile" in the update my profile section. This service is provided to you at no cost for as long as you remain a member.

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