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Family Protection

Identity theft can put your family at risk. You or your family's personal information in the wrong hands can lead to falsified information in medical records and affect the ability to obtain proper medical attention and care for you or your family. Your identity is your most precious asset. Don't let identity fraud happen to you.

As a member, you and your family have a wide array of resources at your disposal to prevent and manage identity theft, should it occur. Take advantage of our complete identity protection package, and protect your good name by updating your family's information in the "Personal Information Center".

Our sophisticated technology platform monitors, on your behalf, you and your family's personal identity information on a regular basis. We will assess your level of risk by using our proprietary monitoring system to search a wide array of financial and non-financial data bases. If we discover suspicious activity that could indicate an identity theft in progress, we place a personal call to the registered member.

In addition, we provide access to free credit reports for yourself and your family as well as our credit report reminder service. We can also help you opt-out of firm offers for credit cards or insurance and help you remove your name from pre-approved credit card lists. Should you, your spouse, or children up to and including age 25 that live with you or that are students living away at college fall victim to identity theft, our insurance and restoration programs will work with you to recover your identity.

*If you elected to join the family plan you can register your spouse, domestic partner, and your children up to and including age 25 who live with you or are attending school.

Keep your family secure

ID Preserve provides you and your eligible family members (your spouse and all your dependents up to and including age 25 that live at your address or that are students living away at college) with state-of-the-art identity protection. We will help you assess your risk and monitor your information, as well as all eligible family members data associated with your profile. Family members must be added to your Personal Information Center profile to activate their coverage.

Each family member receives their own individual Identity Risk Score. Some data may apply to all family members and could affect all family members Identity Risk Scores. Should identity theft happen to you or a family member, we will work with you to help reclaim you or your eligible family member's identity at no additional charge.

Our identity protection solutions include:

How it works

Sign into Members Area, access the "Personal Information Center" and go to the "Family Plan" page to add your family members.

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