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Internet Privacy Scanning

We scan Internet directories for the existence of monitored data for up to three phone numbers, three addresses and three email addresses.

Examples include:

You have the option of adding an additional postal address, two additional email addresses, and two additional phone numbers. To update your current information or list additional addresses and phone numbers you simply:

  1. Sign into your Personal Information Center

  2. Click on "My Plan"

  3. Click on "Internet Privacy Scanning"

  4. Click on "My Profile" located in the updating your profile section

  5. Fill in the blanks for the additional information you would like us to begin monitoring

You can review your history of your Internet privacy scans, other alerts, and email notifications within the My History page in the Personal Information Center

Removal of Data and Opting Out

We help you remove data from websites that post it online. And, once requested, we automatically process opt-outs on your behalf. This stops the people-search sites from selling your personal information to individuals who might have ulterior motives.

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