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Victim Assistance

Trained identity theft specialists will work with you 24/7 to help repair your good name. We will take all the appropriate steps in order to correct your identity theft problems, which typically require the assistance and expense of an attorney.

Some of the tools we use are:

The restoration service will do whatever it takes to restore your name to pre-identity theft status. The service will take an unlimited amount of time, and spend whatever it takes in restoring your identity and good name to a pre-theft status.

Discovery Based

This service uses a “Discovery Basis” approach, which covers you for a pre-existing identity theft if the theft had not been discovered prior to your enrollment with ID Preserve.

Emergency recovery kit

You may also choose to manage the restoration process yourself. If this option is selected, an ID Theft Emergency Recovery Kit is sent to you with pre-written correspondence to help you deal with creditors and credit bureaus. This step-by-step manual details the resolution process and provides you with guidance for avoiding future complications.

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